How I Learned to Accept God’s Love Despite My Failures

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Accept God's Love


Do you feel like a failure? Are you wondering how you arrived at where you are? Do you feel worthy to accept God’s love? Are you fearful of making decisions because inadequacy moves into your life like an uninvited guest?

I was in this valley of thought for an excruciatingly painful season. A valley where my failures seem overwhelmingly more obvious than my successes.  

My husband and I made the extremely difficult decision to file for bankruptcy. We worked so hard to climb out of our pit of debt, but we didn’t have enough income to put a decent amount of money toward paying it off. 

We were at risk of being sued, which terrified us because we are hard working people just trying to survive and live an honest life. If we did nothing, we would’ve lost everything we worked for. 

When Life Doesn’t Cooperate

Plans and dreams change when life doesn’t cooperate. We had lots of hope for the future to pay off our debts and put money away for a rainy day. Job loss can make saving money and paying off debt extremely difficult. 

Paralyzing feelings of failure, anxiety, and hopelessness settled heavily in our hearts. We wondered, does God still love us? Does He even see what is happening here? We were grasping at straws trying to fix everything. Everything we tried failed miserably.

Plans and dreams change when life doesn't cooperate.

Getting loans to fill in the income gaps doesn’t work, trust me. I realized we were in real trouble when we were served court papers and the choice came down to buying food or toilet paper.

There was a point where we had to throw up our hands in surrender and allow God to step in. God was the only way out of this mess. He wanted us to be still, listen to Him, accept his love, and humbly ask Him for help.  And we did. 

Accept God's Love

God Loves You No Matter What

Accept God’s Love

Dear friend, I know how hard it is to accept God’s love, especially when we make such a mess of things. We feel unworthy.

But God’s grace squashes our unworthiness and forgives our failures. We don’t have to strive to fix everything. The work of the Cross has already fixed everything.

So, in my moment of desperation, God, my loving Father lifted my quivering chin and lovingly led me to His word.

God's grace squashes our unworthiness and forgives our failures.

He said~ ” Don’t be controlled by love for money. Be happy with what you have, God has said, I will never leave you, I will never desert you. So we can say boldly, the Lord helps me. I will not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?” (Hebrews 13:5-6)

He also told me: I will meet all your needs in keeping with my wonderful riches that come to you because you belong to Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19)

This gave me hope and I had to trust His word because if God didn’t come through for us, His own name was at stake!

It was my choice to keep grasping at failing solutions, or I could put all of my failures and problems into God’s hands and trust Him to work it all out. I have the power and ability to accept God’s love because He gave it to me.

God Cleaned Up Our Mess

There were some steps we had to take to partner with God (ie. filing for bankruptcy), but ultimately our responsibility was to trust, obey, accept God’s love, and the rest was up to Him. Believe it or not, He ultimately cleans up the messes we make.

We prayed for direction and guidance and God led us to a lawyer to help us clean up our financial mess. Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharged most of our debt, but we do have to pay some of it back. The payments are affordable, thank God!

Through this experience, I learned to manage our money better by changing our spending behavior. Therefore, I am compelled to pass on what I learned during that life-changing season to you through my online course.

My experience qualifies me to walk with you through your financial problems and help you overcome financial bondage. God cleaned up my mess and called me to pass on His message of hope to you. I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to find hope and peace in your situation. 

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Accept God's Love

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What circumstance in your life has made it difficult for you to accept God’s love?

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