Broken Boot Straps

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I am delighted to have my respected colleague and friend, Malena Brown as a guest on the blog today. She shares her heart about perfectionism and how we can make progress when challenges rear their ugly heads! Enjoy the Post!

Pull Yourself Up!

When I was growing up, I heard a lot of this:

“Pull yourself up! Keep your chin up! Do your best and try harder.

“Pull up those Boot Straps! (I’m sure many of us have heard variations of this and in consequence felt like failures.

I learned the principle: Do what you can then ask God to do the rest. It took me years to see that this was backward.

Although God can bring good from anything,  I’m tired of trying to make it thru life on my own power.

The Loops are Worn

The loops on my boots are getting kinda worn.

(I’m sure many of you can relate.)

In fact, I feel most days like one is broken clear through.

My efforts to correct the path I’m on or work a little harder creates pressure God never wanted us to have in the first place.

Now  I see that it’s like trying to lift yourself off the floor a couple of feet just by tugging on your boots! Only Bugs Bunny has ever been successful at that.

New Insight

Now I came across a new principle: if God is your co-pilot, you’re  in the wrong seat! (More on this later).

Our efforts to change ourselves and our lives amount to exactly nothing without Him. All the effort in the world won’t help us without his blessing.

God doesn’t want us to believe the lie of perfectionism. We don’t have to be perfect because He already is. He perfects us because He is the only one who can.

There is a way that appears to be right, but  in the end, it leads to death.. (Proverbs 14:12)

Maybe it’s time to ask Him what he wants from us and go for that abundant life He promises!

For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to help you and not to harm you, plans for your health and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Letting Go…..

Let go of those bootstraps and let him change out those shoes for some sneakers!

Even counseling with medication and prayer won’t work unless it’s His idea and He is the one sending hands to help you.

You CAN’T do it on your own–no one can!

That’s why He sent His Son and the Holy Spirit and placed us in a community!

We’ll talk more about what works as we go along.

For now, let me encourage you not to give up- He has the answers!

Let’s run the race laid our before us and finish it well!


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