An Open Letter to Someone I Need to Forgive

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To the one I need to forgive, I hate you for what you did to our children. I wanted to kill you when I caught you abusing our daughter, and admittedly there are times when I still do. On occasion, I have murderous images cross my mind where you are being tortured. I think you deserve to be tortured for your crime. I can’t trust anyone because of you. My lack of trust for people didn’t start with you. Frankly, I couldn’t trust anyone while I was married to you. In fact, I was petrified of men. I despised men…


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The Key to Freedom is to Know Who You Are & You Matter

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know who you are

I am delighted and honored to have Danielle Bernock as a guest on the Blog today. She writes her story about the struggles to know who you are, in spite of hurts in your past. Know Who You Are Do you know who you are? Do you know how you feel about things? Can you express your ideas, emotions, and weaknesses from a place of acceptance and peace? If you do know who you are, you have a tremendous power. I grew up not knowing who I was. It sounds silly but let me explain. I knew my name and who…

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