Dear Broken Woman~This is Why I Recognize You From a Mile Away

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Dear Broken Woman

Dear Broken Woman Dear Broken Woman, This is why I recognize you from a mile away. Your heart has been shattered into a million pieces. Someone you love betrayed or abused you. You were going along on life believing everything was okay and then BOOM, a punch in the gut jolted you out of your idealistic view of life. You know how I know this? It happened to me. I was a young, stupid, and impressionable girl when I got married the first time. I had no clue what I was getting into. With rose colored glasses, I jumped into…


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4 Real-Life Confessions about My Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis Have you ever been through a serious financial crisis? If, so what events happened that led to your financial collapse? In the last 6 months, my husband lost his job and we’ve had to file for bankruptcy. For a while, we were attempting to survive on loans and credit cards.  The downward spiral started in 2014 when I had 3 knee surgeries. Doug was working and bringing in extra income, but his anxiety became increasingly worse which led to his layoff.   Then, we discovered he had to stop working due to a lifelong disability. I went back to work,…

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10 Powerful Affirmations You Need to Confront Inadequacy

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Confronting Inadequacy Are you struggling with feelings of inadequacy? Do you wonder if you measure up? Are you looking for affirmations or signs that you are enough? Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m not cut out for what I’m called to do. I’ve been working in the counseling field for about 4 years now. My dream has always been to be in private practice, but before I get to that point, there are some hoops I must jump through. I’m working with addicts at a local treatment facility and the job is difficult. Sometimes, it’s so hard, I want to throw in…

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What Everyone Ought to Know about Depression

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The Top Ten Signs of Depression Depression is real and it is experienced by the multitudes. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 8% of Americans have some form of depression. In light of the recent suicide and death of famous funny man, Robin Williams, we cannot sweep this topic under the rug and hope it will go away. Awareness is the first step to help and healing. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of depression, there is help available to you. Lack of interest in activities previously enjoyed. Withdrawal from social interactions/isolation Lack of motivation…

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5 Powerfully Effective Ways to Overcome Rejection

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How to Deal With Rejection

My rejection infection… Have you ever experienced rejection before? I have, more times than I care to admit. The infection started when my biological father abandoned me. It seemed obvious….. he didn’t want to be my father because he ran away. Relatives tell me he had a drug problem and he ran to save his life. Others say he had an affair with some other woman. It is hard to decide what is true. All I know is, he left. Being abandoned by my father created a pit of loneliness in my heart.  I have often wondered: what did I…

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