Dear Broken Woman~This is Why I Recognize You From a Mile Away

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Dear Broken Woman

Dear Broken Woman Dear Broken Woman, This is why I recognize you from a mile away. Your heart has been shattered into a million pieces. Someone you love betrayed or abused you. You were going along on life believing everything was okay and then BOOM, a punch in the gut jolted you out of your idealistic view of life. You know how I know this? It happened to me. I was a young, stupid, and impressionable girl when I got married the first time. I had no clue what I was getting into. With rose colored glasses, I jumped into…


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Now I Understand Why You Need God to be a Good Parent

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Good Parent

We Need Guidance to be a Good Parent Have you wondered what it takes to be a good parent? Do you often feel like you are treading unfamiliar waters in your parenting journey? Children don’t come with specific manuals when they are born. If you haven’t already noticed, life can get messy and difficult when you are raising kids. And frustration can take its toll. When I became a mom in 1994, I had no idea what I was doing. I was young and stupid. My ex- husband and I were only married 6 months when my first son was…

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5 Incredibly Surprising Ways to Make Passion a Priority in Marriage

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Is the passion in your Marriage missing? Are you indifferent toward your spouse due to the lack of passion in your Marriage? Are you weary of the loneliness and rejection? When Marriages hit the 5-7 year mark, they tend to enter a season of dryness. Passion requires work from both partners. When one partner is stuck doing all the pursuing of the other, self-worth takes a nosedive and rejection shoves us violently into loneliness. I am disappointed to admit that my husband and I seem to be in the thick of this dry season where passion is minimal. Therefore, he…

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11 Amazingly Effective Tips My Husband & I learned During Our Secret Struggle with Sexual Intimacy

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Are you still struggling with sexual intimacy in your Marriage? Remember last week? I gave you a glimpse of my Marital struggle with sexual intimacy. And….I have AWESOME news! There have been amazing improvements in just a short period of time because my husband and I have taken steps to tenderly help each other through this difficult trial. First, we hit our knees and prayed fervently. We realized we can count on God to meet our needs when we put Him first in everything. Then we sought Godly counseling from our Pastors and began reading the book by Ed and Gaye Wheat:…

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7 Fabulously Sexy Ways to Nurture Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

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Sexual Intimacy in Marriage

Have you ever had trouble achieving sexual intimacy with your spouse? I’ve been carrying around a secret struggle for a while. It’s been happening in my marriage more than I care to admit. This hurts because there are times when our body parts don’t respond to stimulation. Rejection and shame punch me in the gut. Arguments erupt. My husband is extremely frustrated with the whole mess. Which causes us to want to throw up our hands and give up on sex, but we can’t do that! Plus, the issue drives us both mad because…here we are…a Married couple working hard together…

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