How To Take a Time Out During an Argument

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Have you had an argument with your spouse or kids this week? Has someone in your family frustrated you? If you haven’t already noticed, relationships are messy. I know mine are anyway. And because we are all different, conflict is inevitable. Wouldn’t it be boring if we agreed about everything? Let me let you in on a little secret……….we don’t have to lose our tempers.  It’s going to be okay, even if we don’t win the argument! Take a deep breath and use the following 6 action steps to de-escalate a disagreement: Recognize the need for a time-out. Request a time-out.…


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6 Vital Steps to Seek Forgiveness

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In the Heat of the Moment Have you ever cussed someone out in the heat of frustration or anger? Did you regret it the minute it happened? Did this put you in the position of having to seek forgiveness? A similar scenario happened last night. My husband and I had an argument. We weren’t listening to each other. I was frustrated…..he was frustrated. My sweet husband is the strong silent type. I sheepishly admit….this trait infuriates me.  You can imagine what happened. Yep…you guessed it. My temper spewed profanities all over him.   I immediately felt lousy because the last thing I…

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