5 Amazing Reasons Why A Bible Journal Strengthens Creativity

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Bible Journal

The Struggle with Creativity Do you struggle with creativity? Have you considered using a Bible journal? I use a bible journal when I want to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes I struggle with creativity because I’m so tired from working my 9 to 5 job. However, I’ve discovered how amazing it is to gain insight from reading the Bible and writing my reflections in a Bible journal. When I look back over my journal entries, I can see how much I’ve grown in my faith. I get to witness overcoming my obstacles, which is tremendously inspiring. I was able…


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5 Awesome Reasons Why You Need to Know Jesus is Real

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Jesus is Real

Doubts Are Normal How do you know if Jesus is Real? Have you had doubts about Jesus? Are you struggling with your faith? I have struggled with my faith from time to time, especially when something bad happened. I mean, why do bad things happen to good people? Why can’t Jesus prevent pain, disease, and suffering? Are you asking these same questions? It is really okay if you are. These questions are normal. Doubts about Jesus are normal. He can handle it. I watched a movie last night called “The Case for Christ”, where Lee Strobel, a devout Atheist, went…

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