Dear Broken Woman~This is Why I Recognize You From a Mile Away

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Dear Broken Woman

Dear Broken Woman

Dear Broken Woman,

This is why I recognize you from a mile away.

Your heart has been shattered into a million pieces. Someone you love betrayed or abused you.

You were going along on life believing everything was okay and then BOOM, a punch in the gut jolted you out of your idealistic view of life.

You know how I know this? It happened to me.

I was a young, stupid, and impressionable girl when I got married the first time. I had no clue what I was getting into. With rose colored glasses, I jumped into the relationship believing everything was perfect. Boy……was I in for a rude awakening.

The first time I realized things were not okay was when I brought my firstborn son home from the hospital. My baby boy was crying because he was hungry. My ex-husband screamed in his face to shut-up!

Really????? The child is an infant for goodness sakes!

His abuse continued after our two other children were born.

Feeling Powerless

Dear Broken Woman,

Have you ever felt powerless? Was your abuser bigger and stronger than you?

My ex was bigger & stronger. I was powerless because he instilled fear in us.

It is extremely difficult to leave an abusive relationship. After 15 years of marriage, it was so comfortable and familiar that I ignored the red flags warning me to flee.

Shamefully, I contributed to this dysfunctional relationship too by covering up and making excuses for my ex-husband and believing it was always my fault. I was a broken woman.

My self-worth was so low that I believed this was all I deserved. And because I craved the attention of a man, I allowed the abuse to continue. Fear and self-loathing kept me locked in this prison. Unfortunately, my children paid the price for my denial and ignorance.

It wasn’t until I caught my ex red-handed in the act of sexually abusing our daughter when I finally snapped out of my stupor. He is in jail for hurting our child and we are divorced now because he betrayed our wedding vows.

I often wonder why it had to come to my child getting hurt to wake me up.

I used to beat myself up a lot over that.

But then I remember, Jesus forgave me and took my brokenness on Himself. I don’t have to beat myself up anymore.


Dear Broken Woman

God Heals

Dear Broken Women,

God is walking with you through your pain. He sees you!

Jesus continues to heal my family. God makes all things right. He will heal you too!

Jesus helps me recognize the broken, so I can lead you to Him. He is the one who heals shattered hearts. God is the one who leads you out of the darkness of abuse.

After years of counseling and learning from Jesus what my worth truly is, I don’t allow people to abuse me or my kids. There is accountability in my relationships and I’m able to establish effective boundaries. You can do this too!

Are you in an abusive relationship? If so, there is hope and help available to you!

Help is Available

Dear Broken Woman,

Don’t wait until you or your kids get seriously hurt like I did. Get help now!

Here is the number to the Domestic Abuse Hotline: 1-800-799-7233.

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What experience in your life has broken your heart? Have you ever been abused or betrayed by anyone? Share your story in the comments below… I’d love to hear from you! Remember you aren’t alone!



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