Why Every Marriage Should Have a Purpose

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Important Questions

Does your marriage have a purpose?

When a couple ties the knot, the journey doesn’t end at the wedding ceremony.  

The most important questions a couple should ask are:

Why did I marry my spouse?

What is our purpose as a couple?

What does God want us to do?

Establish Goals

If your relationship doesn’t have a purpose, dissatisfaction and fear can result because it lacks focus.

It is essential for a couple to establish goals to keep the relationship fresh, to foster growth, and to prevent boredom.

A purpose for marriage keeps the relationship fresh

When God united Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden as the first married couple, He gave them a purpose for their lives.

Their purpose was to enjoy a relationship with God, to glorify and obey God, to take care of the garden, and to populate the Earth. God also wanted them to be an example of love to their children.  (Genesis 2)

“God intended the marriage relationship to be the hallmark of the home. The love relationship between husband and wife should provide the clearest picture of Christ’s love. The model it provides to the children, the church, and the world should effectively draw others to the love of Christ.”Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, 2003.)

Five Important Reasons Why Every Marriage Should Have a Purpose

 There are five crucial reasons why every martial relationship should have a purpose:

  • A purpose exemplifies our love relationship with Christ. 
  • To stay committed to a lifelong covenant with our spouse.
  • It Maintains focus on marital goals.
  • A purpose establishes order and boundaries for the children.
  • It creates a ministry for our communities and the world.

What purpose is driving your marital relationship?

What is your focus in ministry to your children, communities, and the world?

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