Now I Understand Why You Need God to be a Good Parent

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Good Parent

We Need Guidance to be a Good Parent

Have you wondered what it takes to be a good parent? Do you often feel like you are treading unfamiliar waters in your parenting journey?

Children don’t come with specific manuals when they are born. If you haven’t already noticed, life can get messy and difficult when you are raising kids. And frustration can take its toll.

When I became a mom in 1994, I had no idea what I was doing. I was young and stupid. My ex- husband and I were only married 6 months when my first son was born. (I got pregnant before we were married).

And we had very little support from family and friends because they didn’t want me to marry him. (I should’ve listened!!!) I had to learn basic parenting skills by trial and error.

Also, there were some serious red flags about my ex-husband I pushed aside when I should’ve paid attention. He was verbally abusive to me and to our infant son and refused to help me take care of the baby. I thought I could just love him enough to fix the situation, but I was seriously wrong. You can read more of my story here.

I need God to be a good parent!

Two kids and several years later, we were still trying to make it as young parents and a married couple. I had the sense there was something missing in our relationship and as parents. I wondered…. how do we guide these children on the right path? My desire was to be a good mom, but I didn’t know how.

I needed guidance, purpose and something bigger than me to rely on besides my ex-husband to raise our kids. Our kids needed us to be good parents. They deserved to have parents who loved, guided and protected them. So, who do you turn to for help when life and parenthood are difficult?

Good Parent

Parenting Can Test Your Faith and Patience

Have you been in parenting situations that left you scratching your head in confusion and overwhelmed with frustration and worry?

I’ve found myself driven to my knees in various parenting scenarios, but the ones that tested my faith and patience made me realize how much I needed God. I can’t do this parenting thing without Him.

During their teens and after my divorce from their father, my boys experimented with drugs and became defiant to the point of having to use the law to back me up. One of my boys had to go to a facility for teens to get his head right and learn to accept and follow discipline.

As a single mother, that was one of the most difficult things I had to do. But tough love was needed and God gave me the strength to get through it. He was my faithful partner who helped me pick up the pieces of our shattered family.

As a result of the abuse at the hands of my ex-husband, my children have turned to unhealthy means of dealing with their wounds in the past. But because of fervent prayer and my surrender to God, they’ve turned their lives around for the better.

Great Parent

My first born son and his Family

My sons decided they didn’t want to be like their father, so they are walking a different and better path than he did. God’s transforming power drove us out of horrible circumstances and into a better life.  

Why You Need God to be a Good Parent

There are 3 Key reasons why you need God to be a good parent:

  • God is the perfect example of a loving Father. He gives wisdom with grace to make the right decisions for our children.
  • Parenting can be extremely hard and God will give us strength to be consistent when we have to discipline our children.
  • We need a power greater than ourselves to restore us to sanity when life and parenthood are difficult.

In your experiences as parents, what circumstances made you realize your need for God? Share in the comments section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this important topic!

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