5 Incredibly Surprising Ways to Make Passion a Priority in Marriage

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Is the passion in your Marriage missing?

Are you indifferent toward your spouse due to the lack of passion in your Marriage?

Are you weary of the loneliness and rejection?

When Marriages hit the 5-7 year mark, they tend to enter a season of dryness. Passion requires work from both partners.

When one partner is stuck doing all the pursuing of the other, self-worth takes a nosedive and rejection shoves us violently into loneliness.

I am disappointed to admit that my husband and I seem to be in the thick of this dry season where passion is minimal.

Therefore, he and I had a comin’ to Jesus meetin’ recently to make passion a priority in our Marriage.

We realized, in our discussion, that both of us are weary, bored, and wondering what the heck happened? And what can we do about it?

It seems the busyness of life zaps our energy and the realities of financial issues, family problems, and work stress sucks the desire right out of us.

And then we find ourselves frustrated with each other and the whole issue of making time for intimacy, so passion takes a back seat.

So what can we do?

Here are 5 incredibly surprising ways to make passion a priority in Marriage:

  • Find intimacy with God first by praying and bringing your concerns to Him. Pour your heart out to Him. He listens.(The Holy Spirit has a way of giving the right perspective and igniting passion in your heart for what’s important.)
  • Remember why you fell in love with your spouse by taking a trip on memory lane.(Share your fondest memories of your years together by looking at favorite photos or keeping a journal.)
  • Plan consistent romantic getaways for just the two of you to refresh your passion.
  • Serve your spouse lovingly by giving him or her a massage to relieve tension and stress.
  • Share your most intimate thoughts and fantasies about each other. Take action on a few of those fantasies if possible to have some fun together.

It is important to remember~ when using these 5 steps, you are serving the one you love and helping your spouse feel appreciated and cherished.

Love and Serve your spouse!

While reading the book Intended for Pleasure by Ed and Gaye Wheat and God’s Word, we are learning to help each other with tenderness and respect to maintain the passion we have for each other.

What are you doing as a couple to make passion a priority in your Marriage?

How can you show your spouse love today?

What can you do to serve your spouse to help them feel cherished and appreciated?

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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