Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart (Paperback)


Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart (Paperback)


Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart

Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart is a shocking memoir of Rhonda Marie Stalb’s rocky road to peace and joy. It is a journey of adversity and healing. This poignant story shows vividly how God is very aware of our hurts. We see how God is with us every step of the way through pain and trauma. In her story, Rhonda makes it very evident that God doesn’t waste our pain because He transforms the shattered pieces of life into a beautiful masterpiece. It is only by being Beautifully Broken that Rhonda has learned to minister to those who have the same hurts, fears, and dreams. Her goal is to help people who are on a similar road to find their way to being Beautifully Broken. Ships anywhere in the United States.

What people are saying about Beautifully Broken: My Journal to a Mended Heart……

**** Four Stars. A Mother Reclaims Her Life and Family After a Devastating Divorce. By missmickee-bookreview

“Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart” authored by Rhonda M. Stalb is her uplifting courageous story of success and triumph over tremendous adversity related to childhood neglect and the terror of domestic abuse of herself and her children. Within her Christian faith, Stalb found the strength to start over after her disastrous marriage ended and returned to school.

Following her divorce, Stalb vowed to improve life for her children. This wasn’t easy, both Alex and Emma were severely traumatized and required special services and counseling. Never wanting to remarry, Stalb renewed her Christian faith, and life for her and her family drastically improved. Today, Stalb has happily remarried and completed a graduate degree in family therapy and counseling to a graduate degree in family therapy to help others. 

***** Five Stars
She has told her story in a beautiful way and has shared how God can heal a broken heart. By Stacey Sabatini

I personally know Rhonda as we both attended the same church in Hawaii. She has told her story in a beautiful way and has shared how God can heal a broken person. Rhonda has had to suffer so much most of her life and yet she has used it to His Glory! I think God inspired her to write this book so that she can reach many, who like her have suffered much, and through her story, hopefully, can be healed the way she was when one commits their life to Jesus. I look forward to the Bible Study which is to follow and feel that her book and study would be very useful as a prison ministry or study for women who have suffered abuse. Thank you, Rhonda, for opening your heart and showing us how good God is all of the time!

**** Four Stars
Beautiful Story of redemption and healing. By Anthony F Gomes

Precious book. I loved the sweet sharing of her life. Her authenticity and vulnerability were evident all throughout. It kept me captivated and seemed encouraging for anyone who may be in situations of abuse. I appreciate her having a focus of relying on Christ and how she interweaves meaningful scripture. I also admire how she sets up the entire testimony to honor Christ and to encourage others to look to him.

****Four Stars
Compelling Story. By SfMe Media

Rhonda is to be commended for overcoming hatred and despair through such a difficult journey. I also recognize the love and courage required for her to tell her compelling story for the benefit of others. 

*****Five Stars Great job, Rhonda. By Heather

Well-written! Great job, Rhonda!

*****Five Stars
Amazing. By Dailey

Where does Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far? 

This was a very good book. I was surprised so many times while listening. I truly didn’t expect the extreme heartbreak that this woman had to endure. She is a hero for being able to overcome so much and still be able to praise the lord for the good in her life. Amazing!

What was one of the most memorable moments of Beautifully Broken: My Journey to a Mended Heart?

 It was just one moment in the book. I didn’t read the book before hand so the entire book was one big shocking surprise after another for me. It was good to cry at different times and cheer at others.

Which scene was your favorite?

When her second husband came to ask her for her hand in marriage. That was a man truly in love with her and her children.

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
Too many to list. This book is hard on the heart strings. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a true story that follows much heartbreak and has a triumphant ending.

****Four Stars
Beautifully Broken to Beautifully Healed. By Jayda

Rhonda’s story is heartbreaking in places, but I respect her for being so open about her life and everything she’s endured. There are many who need to read true stories like this one to help strengthen their own faith. Rhonda gives God glory for her healing from the inside out. She is proof of just how far God can bring someone…anyone. Thank you, Rhonda, for gifting this story to me. I plan to put my copy on my coffee table in my coaching office. I believe others will be blessed by it, so I intend to pay it forward.


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