4 Real-Life Confessions about My Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis

Financial Crisis

Have you ever been through a serious financial crisis? If, so what events happened that led to your financial collapse?

In the last 6 months, my husband lost his job and we’ve had to file for bankruptcy. For a while, we were attempting to survive on loans and credit cards. 

The downward spiral started in 2014 when I had 3 knee surgeries. Doug was working and bringing in extra income, but his anxiety became increasingly worse which led to his layoff.  

Then, we discovered he had to stop working due to a lifelong disability. I went back to work, but we still couldn’t catch up. We’ve been grasping at straws to find an end to this crisis.

Since then, I’ve been trying to hold it all together with my small salary. And so far, it hasn’t worked. We’re drowning under the pressure of it all. 

This financial crisis is extremely overwhelming and honestly, I don’t have all the answers. It has driven me to my knees to pray for solutions. 

4 Real-Life Confessions

I must confess 4 things…….

  • The thought of money or trying to manage it causes extreme anxiety for me. 
  • I’m fearful of losing everything, including my job. 
  •  My attitude hasn’t been positive.
  • And I’ve been depressed about this whole situation.

But I want to change that!

Financial collapse scares me to death! But Thank God, I can choose not to fear!

Exploring Solutions

I question whether I should get another job. After working outside the home 50 hours a week, I’m not sure being absent more is the answer. I mean, do I allow important relationships to suffer for a few extra bucks?

So, we’ve sold things, cut every expense we can, and Doug has reapplied for disability. 

However, that process can take months, so I’ve been working diligently to create and launch legitimate ways to bring in extra income.

Thank God, I can choose not to fear!

Taking Action

Have you been tired of living this way?  I know I’m tired of living in a state of financial crisis.

And I’m compelled to do something about it!

The solution is to take action and not wallow in my anxiety.

So, I’ve written a book, created a shop, and started this blog.

In addition to helping women renew their minds and heal their hearts by sharing my story, I want to help my family get out of poverty.

I have to believe it’s possible because I know with all my heart God is on my side. He is walking through this crisis with me and He walks with you!

God walks through the storm with me and He walks with you!



Financial crisis

 God Provides and Guides

I find hope in knowing that God will provide for our needs. God will give me the strength, wisdom, and guidance to manage money better. I can trust God with my fears and failures. He will calm the storm and give hope. 

God also gives me the push to share what I’ve learned with others who’ve been in similar situations. I’ve created a course to help you and me with our financial crisis! The course will provide you with the tools and resources to work through debt, budgets, and explore the meaning of money. 

You can sign up for the course here. It’s free! I hope it helps you make the changes you want to make in your financial life as much as it has helped me. 

What scares you most about your financial health? What solutions have you tried to end your financial crisis? Share in the comments below.. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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