6 Vital Steps to Seek Forgiveness

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In the Heat of the Moment

Have you ever cussed someone out in the heat of frustration or anger? Did you regret it the minute it happened? Did this put you in the position of having to seek forgiveness?

A similar scenario happened last night. My husband and I had an argument. We weren’t listening to each other. I was frustrated…..he was frustrated. My sweet husband is the strong silent type. I sheepishly admit….this trait infuriates me. 

You can imagine what happened. Yep…you guessed it. My temper spewed profanities all over him.  

I immediately felt lousy because the last thing I want to do is hurt my husband. He is my best friend. And he’s so loving to me most of the time. He also forgives quickly! Sometimes I wonder… who is this weirdo? But I can glean a valuable lesson from him and from Jesus.

Jesus….The Giver of Grace

Jesus is the best example of forgiveness. He gives us the grace to seek forgiveness when our actions are hurtful. 

It’s not exactly easy to swallow our pride and humble ourselves to seek forgiveness. At least, it’s not easy for me. I hate to admit when I’m wrong. Don’t you?

Jesus gives grace to seek forgiveness

Everyone makes mistakes and when forgiveness is part of the conflict resolution process, peace is nurtured and relationships are restored.

In my post 7 Essential Steps to Grant Forgiveness, I describe the process of forgiving others when they’ve hurt you. 

 Here are 6 vital steps to seek forgiveness when you are the one who inflicts the hurt:

  • Admit your hurtful actions.
  • Empathize with the pain you caused.
  • Accept responsibility and make amends.
  • Assure the other person the offense will not be repeated.
  • Apologize and ask for forgiveness.
  • Forgive yourself.(R.D Marks, Life Innovations,2008)

We can live in the freedom of forgiveness

Have you had an experience of being the cause of hurt for someone else? What steps did you take to seek forgiveness or make amends? Share in the comments below….




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